Boracay is blessed with crystal clear waters all around her dazzling white sand and rocky coastline. Reefs are mostly gentle slopes and shallow coral gardens but on the northern and southern ends you will encounter steep drop-offs and vertical walls alive with an amazing variety of reef inhabitants and pelagic hunters.

We have more than 20 dive sites all around Boracay island which in different formation such as drop off, wall dive, channel drift, wrecks, coral reef, macro diving. We can accommodate all level from beginner to experience divers.

What’s included?

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  • 1½ hour section
  • Start : 9am | 10.30am | 1.30pm | 3pm | 6pm
  • Free pick up (station 1-3)
  • Free consumable food & beverage voucher after dive
  • 10% discount So4no Bistro
  • Dry towel after diving